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As a new seller one of the biggest time saving tips I can give you is get an organization system in place quickly!

It doesn’t seem like it at first but yes your inventory will quickly get out of control and next thing you know you have the dreaded “Death” Pile!

Along with that when sales are made it is a HUGE  stress reliever to go grab the item and not waist time looking for it amid the many boxes, totes or shelves you use!

A simple letter  number system can be used effectively and is preferred by most sellers.

First  items listed go into Box A until it’s full then go to box B. When you run outr of letters start designating them with A1,  B1, C1 and so on.

You can then run the numbers as high as you need to  – IE: A100

Watch the video below and get a better understanding on how maybe NOT to do it! LOL!


Organization in the beginning is key for a happy re-seller. Once you start building up that inventory it can get out of control quickly!

Thanks for joiningus on this post! Make sure to stop back in for more fun and profit!

Jeff Beeman
Re-Sell Marketer … With a Golf Habit!

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