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Can your business profit from taking on consignment clients?

Consignment selling on eBay in today’s marketplace are a little tougher to handle. With an increase in fees and shipping the owner of the items wont make what they think they should in most cases.

From a seller perspective if done with a few specifics handled correctly you can still make a profit. However is it really worth your time and effort?

No time spent sourcing for that item
Not investing your money to buy it before selling it.

Time spent on a project you are not getting fully paid on.

Watch this short video for more insight to the world of consignment selling. ==>

Learning “How To” handle consignments can be a very poistive piece to your business however, many sellers these days only do it for a select few people.

In my honest opinion it’s not somethiung you want to advertise for and build your business model from.

As an add on for additional revenue to your business or doing a favor for a friend you may just find some consignment success.

As of the (day) I posted this article / video I pocketed a nice $50 bill selling a concignment piece via FB Marketplace.

Don’t forget your other platforms when you do sell on consignment and get your client the biggest bang for his or her buck!

Happy Selling!

Jeff Beeman
Re-sell Marketer …With a Golf Habit

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