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Growing a home business is always a lot of work and a challenge however,  growing one in 2020?  … WOW!

We have a lot of distractions to deal with and finding a system like B.E.S. may be the “BEST” way to roll

The B.E.S. system simply stands for Build, Engage, Sell … BUT… I am going to add on the T and include Training as part of that system.

We will break that down a bit more but first watch this short “LIVE” video I did in our Simple Home Business Facebook Group to get a good idea of where we are going.

OK – Let’s breqak it down again and add in T for Training.

B – Build.  This is where we need to start simplifying the process because overwhelm can quickly become an issue. We have tons and tons of ways to build an audience / tribe and sooo many people get lost thinking they have to do them all at once!

Nope! Strop here and reel it in!

You will want to pick just ONE strategy and stick to it. Now there will be some other pieces that you will need to keep on the back burner…things like an email list, Branding yourself  and maybe starting your web site / blog. We will get into that in the training phases of our business models.

But to really get a following started we have to stay concistent and use one  maybe two platforms to spread our message.

E – Engage. I personally Like to use YouTube and Facebvook Groups.  I band myself as me  – AKA: Jeff Beeman Online but I talk about and share my business as an ebay seller and digitral marketer.

If you are reading this article obviously I am also using a Blog to help share the content. The trick is it is one piece of content … shared to multiple platforms.

Did you catch that? I created the content in my Facebook Group – and then shared it to YouTube and my blog for more SEO or Google Juice as we call it.

S-Sell. One Message shared on a couple platforms directing to one “Call To Action.”  If you have Built and engaged correctly the Selling is just virtually automatic. You fan base / Tribe will respond to what ever it is you recommend because they ..Know, Like and Trust you.

Some items you may sell on a broad base and let them decide if it fits there needs  and sometimes you will chat with people and discover they have a unique need or problem that you can help solve.

Find the need – Offer a solution that best fits – they agree and purchase or… they don’t and we stay connected to share other information down the road.

Last is the T – Training. This is basically what I have been doing with this whole blog post and video. Training. Sharing helpful content to somebody who may be overwhelmed and needs a system in place to get started or get out of the rut they are in.

Does this make since?


Thank you so much for spending this time with us and we hope to see you again soon on our Facebook group, YouTube Channel or Blog!

Happy Selling!

Jeff Beeman
Home Business Owner With A Golf Habit

PS – One of the issues that overwhelms a home business owner getting started or already stuck in a rut is simply…Cash! I dealt with this for a long time and eventually found a great way to create positive cash flow for my business and it has now become my PRIMARY home business model. That solution is simply this low and sell high … for a profit using platforms like eBay and Facebook Marketplace.  Want to get things rolling on eBay quickly? Subscribe to our news letter at and grab my 5 top tips for hitting Power Seller Status on eBay in just a few short months!




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