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Two  of the most common questions we see in the Facebook Groups are

#1) How much is this item worth?
#2) They are asking XXX.XX amount of dollars – Should I buy it?

One of the best ways to  decide if you should purchase an item for resell is to first check and see if they are even selling on eBay.

We do this one of 3 ways using the eBay App on your phone ...

#1) Type in the item to the search bar
#2) Take a picture for comparisin
#3) Scan in the bar code when available

Watch our Short LIVE Video below as I explain a little more on what numbers we are looking to see from these comparisons.

The actual sold prices and  & how many sold! ==>

So,  In a nut shell  –

When you pull up an item in the search look under ALL LISTINGS for actual number of results found ( Listed) .

Then go down left hand side and find “Sold” and “Completed Listings”

When those populate the prices turn Green. You can then go back under ALL LISTINGS
and see the number change for Results ( Items Sold) .  Those results are the number of items that have sold in the past 90 days.

Do a quick Calculation – Numebr of items sold divided by 90 days and get the number of items sold per day – Now…Is that item worthy of you buying it and listing it?

Does it have a good profit margin and will it sell quickly?

Same idea but use the FILTERS option.

1) Search item Using Search Bar, Camera or Bar Code Then Click Filters.
2) Scroll Down and Find the “MORE” Tab. From there you will see Solds and COmpleted Listings.
3) The numbers will appear at the bottom.

Thank you for stopping by – Please leave any comments or questions below.

Happy Selling!

Jeff Beeman
Business Owner With a Golf Habit

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