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One of the key areas to prioritize in your re-sell business is pictures. Titles bring them in…Pictures sell the item.

Yes – They are that important.

To help keep eBay’s algorythems happy and help your listing be seen on the fisrt page of eBay, part of picture taking includes the white back ground.

There are several apps out now and web sites to help you do this. In fact depeneindg on the item and catagory you can even do it with eBay.

Here are a few more you can check out.:

1) Make Background Transparent (Android)

2) Background Eraser (iOS)

3) Apowersoft Bg Remover (iOS & Android)

Read a review of these apps at –

 In this short video below I will discuss why after testing a few apps I chose to use Canva for my item picutrees when needed. 

Here are the steps you will follow to use Canva for your white back ground listing:

1) Take Picture (Camera, Phone or devise)
2) Upload to the computer you are using.
3) Start a new project on Canva – 600x 600
4) Upload your picture to Canva
5)  Place Picture
6) Click Back Ground Remover Under Effects
7) Save Your Project
8) Click Download
9) Click Transparent (PNG Only) option
10) Save your picture on your computer to the correct file and now you are ready top upload it to ebay.

I know it sounds lioke a lot of steps but once you do it a few times it becomes part of your listing routine.

I would suggest at this point to get your picutres done ahead of time for each days listings.

You may also opt to just do white back ground for higher end items and items you hvae multiples of the same to save some time.

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