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There are only two reasons people are online – #1 Entertainment and #2 Education. 

Education – They want to be informed before making a purchase decision. They want to see if they can DIY a project or fix a special dish. They simply want to be entertained by music, funny chatting with friends and posts or many other forms of content. 

So where does that fit into our YouTube channel for re-selling or building a business?

Many of the bigger YouTubers do a great job of hitting both expectations…Entertainment and Education. They let you into there world behind the scenes of re-selling. 

Types of videos you typically see with re-sellers. 

1) Sourcing videos at garage sales, thrift stores or maybe auctions

2) Haul Videos – What they actually Purchased

3) Sold Video’s  – What sold this week or weekend. 

4) How To – Learn some tips, tricks and strategies to making more money! 

 On the marketing side of our businesses the majority of video’s are “How To” and that is what I am doing for this Vlog post today. 

Watch The Short Video Below! ==> 

The Four steps are …

1) Tell Them What You Are Going To Tell Them

2) Tell Them

3) Re-Cap What You Told Them

4) Call To Action

Make Since?


With that said … We talked about the 4 steps to help you produce powerful video content that will draw in new views and subscribers to help your home business grow.

Once you start plugging some videos onto your channel you will start to see how powerful this format can be. The side bennefit to all this is you will get more views, more shares and be branding yourself as expert in your niche market!

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Thank you and Happy Selling!

Jeff Beeman
eBay Marketer With A Golf Habit

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