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Today we talked about “How To” tie in our descripton area, on eBay, to the listing so we can improve our SEO.

Withthe new catalog system in place for eBay having a SEO Descripton area is not as important as it once was but…It still needs some attention.

Any time you get a chance to add keywords , with out keyword spamming, so search algorythems pick up on your content…you should do so!

Here is what we  discussed in today’s “LIVE” YouTube video! ==>


1) Copy and put listing title in description area

2) Add Features and Bennefits or back ground on item

3) Maybe a note from you thanking them for visiting and come again soon

4) Direct them to needed info like how to  purchase and shipping information

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Happy Selling!

Jeff Beeman
Home Business Owner With A Golf Habit!

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