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One of the more enoyable aspects of being a Re-Seller is getting to know the Re-Sell Community via YouTube.

There are some great people out there and some HUGE channels doing an amazing job of Lern, Do, Teach via YouTube channels.

After youTube made a few changes to there policies for doing LIVE videos and being able to run advertising on your channel it has become even more critical to learn a few tips on growing your channel.

Check Out this weeks short video ==>

After a 2 Hour YouTube Training the #1 Take away for me was simply do not quit!

Keep showing daily and put content out there that is helpful to the niche you are seving.

That said these tips also can not be ignored…

#1) Optimize your video …
a) Key Words in Title
b) Keywords in Description area
c) Key words for your thumbnail
d) Tags for your video

#2 ) Give them the content …
a) How To
b) 3 tips / 5 Tips / 10 Tips
c) Interview
d) Platform Vs Platform

A lot of options for content!

#3)  Consistency  – Show up every day if at all possible! If you can not do a daily video just be consistent on the days you do can do them.

#4) BONUS – Throw a LIVE video in and also keep that consistent. I do mine right now on Monday and Thursday Mornings and it has imporoved my new subscriber numbers!

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To Bettter Business!

Jeff Beeman
Home Business Owner …With A Golf Habit

PS …Want to check out the same FREE Training I was able to take part in this week? No Problem – Here is the link – YOUTUBE MASRTER CLASS! 

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