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How To Edit eBay Listings!

How To Edit eBay Listinsg … (2015) Hello and thank you for clicking into this blog post. This video is from 2 yrs ago now but is one of my most viewed videos on YOUTUBE so I wanted to make sure and share it here as well. The content is still valuable as I do not believe the basics of editing an ebay listing have changed much if any since this video was uploaded. So if you are looking to make some edits to your eBay listings and not sure where to start this should get you into the basics […]

Back To Selling Basics On eBay!

Back to selling basics on eBay with Niche Accessories.  I have “re-started” my eBay selling activities and am focusing on a couple of my favorite catagorie that I know have sold well for me in the past.  What I try to do along with selling the main product of the Niche is make sure to also look for the accessories to that Niche.  I have not been big into selling clothes. In fact I purposely stayed away from it, just wasn’t my thing. My primary niche is sports or golf ……