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How To Drive More Traffic To Ebay With Pinterest

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Not Sure Why You Would Use Pinterest To Drive New Traffic To Your eBay Listings or Stores? 

Here are a few that reasons that might help answer that question ... 

* Pinterest has over 250 million users  monthly!  
* Who makes the buying decision in most housholds?  - Pinterest reaches 83% of US Women aged 25-54!
* Afraid the Men wont be there ?   - 50% of new sign ups in 2018 were men! 
* Not the right demographic? -  High income and educated U.S. households are twice as likely to use Pinterest as Low income Households. 

Pinterest is a whole different ball game compared to most social platforms.

Pinterest actually wants you to sell your ideas and product. It is set up to be a buyers searchable platform! 

People using Pinterest are looking for new creative ideas and products to fix a problem, fill a need or be educated on a topic of interest. 

As an online business you have to learn to approach it as a business owner and not just another "pinner" throwing out pins for the fun if it. 

Yes, there is fun side as well which is important in making connections with your customers (People buy from people they know, like and trust) but ... they are there for you to guide them to a buying decision.  

Watch the video below and lets dive into how we can start making new connections with buyers via Pinterest. 

Now as a re-seller I can hear people asking question like... 

1) Do people really respond or click through from Pinterest to ebay? I can only give you my results at this time and that is that since I started pinning I now have a 25% growth in clicks from Pinterest over the past 90 days. I know this from viewing my Pinterest account analytics. 

2) Another question may be - Wont this take to much time away from listing? No fluff here  - It will take up a few minutes of your time. Once you have your Pinterest account set up and some boards to pin too I can normally put a nice pin together in 10-15 minutes. Your decision to make is weather it's worth your extra time to have a organic piece out there that will help lead people back to your business for several months if not even years? 

3) What if I sell the item I made a pin for? No problem - Leave the pin active because at least it leads back to your store or listings. Once they see it is a sold listing they may look around your store to see what else you have. The whole idea here is not specifically to sell that listing but to create traffic to your store. 

There are several more reasons as to why a Pinterest account may benefit your eBay business and we will dive deeper into those in future video's and blog posts. Your business plan may not include a lot of social media at this time and if that is all you need then please keep on keeping on. This post is just a glimpse into the possibilities of branding and marketing your eBay re-selling business,  not just the end all to all marketing strategies.   

If you have further interest into building out a long term organic or paid advertising plan with Pinterest make sure to comment below or reach out to us via the messenger right here on this blog. 

Thank you for spending a little time with us on this blog post and until next time we wish you a happy and prosperous 2020!  

Happy Selling! 

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