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How To Edit Your Photos On eBay To Save Time Listing

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I saved so much time listing with the eBay photo editor ...

" How Much Time Did you save?"

I was able too double the number of listings I could complete in my 2 hour listing window!

Listing is one of the toughest jobs to do or it can be one of the easiest jobs we do as re-sellers... 

We just have to spend a little time getting to know the platforms we are listing on and understand the tools we have available for free. I explain a little more in this short video ==>

I can honestly say I spent countless hours editing and fixing images for the majority of my early eBay selling years and never used this tool!

I truly do understand how important it can be to make sure our pictures are as perfect as they can be. However, not everybody can afford or have room for a nice photography area and accessories. Especially when just getting started.

TAKE AWAY: You do not have to shoot professional pics to make money re-selling. Just follow some simple guide lines.

1) White Back ground if at all possible
2) Try to get at least 6 pictures but I have done great with 3 if that is all you can do with the item being listed.
3) Use a well lit area and as much natural light as you can.
4) Make sure to include any imperfections into the pics to avoid INADs - Item not as described.

(Bonus TIP - LED Bulb on a tall lamp stand and white poster board has worked great for me for some time now)

I hope this content has been helpful for you and if so please take a moment to comment and share via the social media buttons provided.

We would love to hear from you! 

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