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How To Get Free Items To Resell on eBay!

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One of the biggest obstacles new re-sellers face is not having enough or any “capital”, money, mula, cash-ola to get started. You want to make more money but many times you need money to invest into inventory or training or tools of the trade. Here is how you make that happen! ….

The following video will hopefully help get you started down the right path to FREE Money! ….

My Top Five Strategies to Get Free Items to Resell on eBay.

#1) Sell Your own stuff!  
a) Clothing / Accessories
b) Electronics no longer being used – Phones, Computers and Accessories
c) Toys
d) Collectibles / Decore / Christmas
e) Tools and Accessories
f) Parts out of Cars, Mowers, Bikes, Machinary

#2) Craigslist – Go Down the categories and look for “free stuff!” 

#3) Facebook Market Place – Search for “Free Stuff” , “Giveaway”, “Clean Out”, “Pick Up Today”

#4) Curbside pick up on trash days & Dumpster Diving – Where it’s legal to do so. Check your local laws.

#5) Garage / Yard Sale Clean out … Have a business card to hand out and advertise on Garage sale Groups.


#6) Sell on Consignment – Start with friends and family then work into advertising for it. You will want to have had some selling experience / success before taking on too many consignment deals.

Always Opportunities to find or get inventory for FREE. You just have to be a little creative and want to do the work. It’s free money – why wouldn’t you?

Happy Selling!

Jeff Beeman

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