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How To Use Your Smart Phone eBay App!

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Everybody has a Smart Phone but there are a few folks that do not know "HOW TO" use some of the more popular Apps. Especially those used for reselling!

No Worries. We got you covered in this weeks Blog / Video Post. Watch Below!

Don't be afraid to pull that phone out and run the comps. It may take you a little bit of practice but before long you will be sourcing like the pros! 

The 3 ways you can use your app to check comps ( Competition) On your Smart Phone: 
1) Type in what the item is on the search bar
2) Click the camera icon - Use the camera to take a picture of the item. 
3) Scan the Bar Code - If it is a new item or still has the code on the packaging 

The Camera option is a fun way to do it and see all the different results that are similar to your item. I would advise however to keep as much back ground out of the picture as possible to get the best results. 

Scanning with the bar code take a little practice getting the scan box onto the bar code. It will need a couple seconds to focus and actually read the bar code.

As always typing into the search bar what you need is the surefire way to get the best results.

However I would advise, once you find the item, to make sure and also check the "SOLDS" from the filter drop down. What people try to price items for and what they actually sell for can be a whole different ball game. 

Until next time... Happy Selling! 

Jeff Beeman
eBay-preneur with a golf habit

PS... This video will help you understand differences between listed, solds and completed listings  ==> "What Is A Completed Listing?" 


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