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Leaving, Changing, Asking For Feedback on eBay …

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FEED BACK on eBay is one of the most important components of the Cassini search algorithms you can have working in your favor! To many big words? How about this…. You need to give and receive good feedback to sell more items on eBay.  Make Since? Awesome! Read on …

eBay, like any other eCommerce platform, relies on happy customers and good sellers to bring in more of each and grow the business. The “Feed Back” on such sites is a filter of sorts to sift out the bad and help keep the good going strong.

With good feed back you are going to build credibility and trust with your buyers or potential buyers and that in itself is a very powerful tool.  eBay knowing this obviously wants to reward you for good feed back. With in it’s search engine algorithm, Cassini, your listing has a better chance of ending up up on page one of a search and this also helps dictate how far up the page you go ( page rank) so that you are seen among your many competitors.

QUESTION #1 – Now the tricky part and very common question – Should you ask for, solicit or other wise in any other way beg or plead for feed back? One very simple answer – NO!

Nothing is more irritating or can turn a good transaction into a not so good one than asking for feed back from a customer the wrong way. As said in many discussions – Be Careful for what you ask for! You just might get it and it very well may be the exact opposite of what you wanted. IE: Negative Feed Back.

So how do I receive more good feed back for my eBay store or account? Simple – Keep it simple…

#1) Give Good Feed Back – Thank them and praise them!
#2) Sell Quality Products
#3) Use Fair Pricing
#4) Prompt and Accurate Shipping
#5) Customer Service – They get what they paid for or you fix it. Period.

Now that all said Feedback can be asked for but must be done in an appropriate manner – Something along the lines of ( and may be best inserted into your description area and not a message after the sale) …”We are always looking to improve. Please take a moment and fill out the customer feed back portion of this eBay transaction after you receive your item”    – And then leave it at that!

“If you build it they will come”  – “If you sell it they will leave feed back.”

QUESTION #2 – Can I leave negative or neutral feedback for a customer?  Yes you can but, as talked about in the following video, maybe only on a listings only account. If you have a store it may only gives you an option for “positive feedback”.  ==> CLICK PLAY!

Question #3 – Can I change the feed back I left for a buyer / seller? Simple Answer …YES.

You will need to send the seller / buyer a revision request from eBay.

You can find more information here.==> How To Edit Feedback On Ebay!

I hope this content has been helpful. Please make sure to share with your fellow eBay’ers and subscribe to our YouTube channels for more “How To” as we grow our business! 

Happy Selling!

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