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The Not So Glorious Work Behind Buying Storage Units

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The Not So Glorious Work Behind Buying Storage Units ...Continued! 

As you could see in this video we got a little in over our heads as far as expectations of the work load this unit produced.  When I bought the unit I had my blinders on looking only at the roll top desk and not factoring in what the other items showing in the unit were telling us. Every unit can tell a story and you will have  a lot less stress in purchasing when you learn to read the unit. 

I really didn't have to much stress in the actual purchase of this one as we won it for only $50 ...the stress came when we found out it was a WHOLE house we had to pack up and move out with only a couple trucks and a trailer! 

As stated in the video description many times you will see TV Shows and some YouTube videos that kinda glorify the whole storage unit buying process. "Well of course it looks easy when you have a production staff or employees to do the clean up work for you" ... right?! Well sure it is!

No, I am not knocking these guys. I know they all work very hard and stay up all hours making sure they squeeze every penny out of there auction purchases. I know that because that is what we do as well. However, many times you only get to see the fun part! 

When you first get into buying storage unit auctions or estate sale buy outs you best be prepared for a labor of love. Trust me on this ... you will get plenty of exercise!  

So how can we learn from this particular auction purchase and be better prepared for the next purchase? What mistakes did we make? 

* First mistake was I let myself get drawn in on the low bidding. I was positive we could handle the work load for only $50!

* Second mistake is I didn't look to see the actual size of the storage unit...(it was a 10 x 20). I actually did look but ignored it because all I could see was what was up front and didn't see a lot sticking up in the back.  

* Third mistake I made was not properly "reading the unit" ... All the items next to the roll top desk were pretty sketchy looking. Was it really worth the junk for MAYBE one nice desk?  Answer - No, not really.

* Fourth mistake I made was not  factoring in drive time - We were over an hour away from home and had to end up making two trips. So what did that unit really cost us in fuel and time? Probably closer to $200

Now all that said and done will we still make a few bucks from this unit? Yes, I think we will. However we also ( I know I did anyway) came away with a lesson learned and that will come back around to us in more profit for future purchases. 

Watch for more fun auction purchases in coming videos and blog posts and thank you for visiting our blog!  
Happy Selling!

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