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Need some quick cash? We do buy and sell a large variety if items. Categories of items we look for are listed below.

CONTACT ME DIRECTLY FOR QUOTES ... Call: 574.727.4339 or Email - jbnetmarketing@gmail.com

The top 7 categories of items we like to buy and sell! 

1) Golf - Sports Items and accessories

2) Vintage Electronics - Radios, Telephones, CD & Cassett Tape Players, VCR's and More!

3) Vintage Hand Held Games - Gameboy, Nintendo DS, Electronic Sport Games, Ect.

4) Video Games, Accessories and Systems - Sony, Nintendo, Xbox, PlayStation

5) Vintage Computer Hardware / Software and Accessories - Keyboards, Mouse, Games, Joy Sticks, Cables, Ect.

6) Hats - Sport Hats Preferred, Clean and in Good Condition - Golf, Basket Ball, Baseball, Football, College and more!

7) Collectibles - Star Wars, Charlie Brown, Star Trek, Sports, Movie Items, College Themed -

Let me know what you have! Thank you for considering doing business with Jeff Beeman Online!