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What is a completed Listing on Ebay?

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As I scroll through the various FB Groups I have seen this question come up or be knocked around with in the comments from time to time ….

What is the difference between a completed listing Vs A Current or Sold Listing?

Here is what I found on Google for this topic:

completed listing is a listing that has already resulted in a sale or that has expired with out a sale. In other words, it is no longer an item that can be bought, but the listing remains on eBay showing the final purchase price and winning bidder (if applicable) for 15 days.Aug 1, 2013

We will talk a little more in depth on the following video ==> PUSH PLAY! 

The key feature to knowing what a completed listing is will be so you can run your “Comps” against more listings and get a better idea of what your item may actually sell for.

This also helps you decide what you will want to “invest” on an item at the store or auction you are attending.

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Until Next Time  – Happy Selling!

Jeff Beeman
Reseller / Blogger / Golf Enthusiast

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